Metamoris 5 – Pre-Fight Nerves for Rory MacDonald

Laid back (outside of the octagon) UFC Welterweight admits to expect to be feeling a little nervous prior to his up and coming Metamoris 5 fight with “JT” Torres.

In the pre-fight build up video, MacDonald is quoted as saying;

“There’ll be a little bit of nerves, because you wanna do your best, right?”

“You don’t wanna get schooled right?”

Never seeming to be one who lacks in confidence, could this just be a little pre-fight dumbing down to ease the pressure prior to his Metamoris debut?

As a BJJ No-Gi black belt it will certainly be an interesting encounter between him and the 2013 World No-Gu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, Torres.

On the flip side, “JT” Torres appears to be more excited than nervous if his comments are anything to go by, but he’s not taking the fight lightly and openly admits to his opponent being something of an unknown quantity in terms of his grappling ability;

“You know, to be honest with you, I have no idea [what to expect from Rory] because I haven’t seen much of his grappling. He’s such a tremendous striker that his fights rarely hit the ground – but I know he’s a black belt, so I’m going to sharpen my tools in every position.”

Whatever else gets said between now and Saturday 22nd November, there’s no denying that this is already one eagerly awaited match up!