The Less Than Obvious Benefits of BJJ


There is certainly no shortage of articles, blogs and various other written pieces that eulogise the all encompassing life benefits of Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in particular.

Having said this, we stumbled upon a fantastic and really insightful article by Sam Yang on his site, entitled “Untangling Complex Situations“.

The basic crux of the article conveys the authors views about how the principles and strategies of Martial Arts and BJJ in particular can be applied to everyday life. With a focus on helping us to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

There’s a quote that sums up his thoughts about the lack of connectedness between a lot of Martial Arts teachings in relation to it’s wider lifestyle benefits where he says,

Nothing more ironic than to be a black belt on the mats and a white belt in life (or the board room)”

This smart and witty style is common throughout the article and is combined with some well presented and insightful case studies that connect his views on Martial Arts and situations from the world of business and everyday life.

Even if you are not a BJJ head yourself we reckon that this article is well worth a read, you never know it might inspire you to get involved in taking up the Art Suave!

Staying on the same theme of the wider benefits of BJJ, there’s a similar, less detailed argument putting forward the positives of practising this sport on the Gracie Barra website written by Patrick Flores.

His short article focuses on highlighting the advantages of practicing BJJ for the working professional.

Four main points are highlighted in this article, summarising the benefits as;

1 – Exercise

2 – Helping to clear the mind

3 – Networking

4 – Making for a better person

The first two points are fairly obvious, BJJ as a form of exercise has undoubted benefits and is a great stress reliever for sure. The dedication and patience required to improve in this sport certainly focuses your mind in the here and now during training, meaning that any 9 to 5 worries are sure to take a back seat for the hour or two spent on the mat.

Point three is probably somewhat less obvious, but BJJ seems to draw in people from all works of life from many different backgrounds. For those of you with of and  entrepreneurial mindset, the opportunities to make some new connections in this environment will not go amiss.

We’re particularly interested in the last point as it refers to a common thread of discussion regarding the difficulty of being able to master and improve in this sport. The sense of achievement that can be gained from progressing through the belt ranks and building an ever increasing portfolio of techniques and skills can be very rewarding. Such a journey will require dedication, humility, patience, an openness to continually learn, hand work and hundreds of hours on the mat to perfect your skills, there are no shortcuts here.

We’ve pretty much summed up the article, but you can check out the full version here too; Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu for Working Professionals

We find such articles are inspiring to keep even some of the more experienced BJJ practitioners here at Spider Jiu Jitsu on the ball and hungry to learn more, but in particular we find that they are also great for getting the interest of those who have skirting around the idea of taking up the sport.