Galvao vs Sonnen Post Fight – Metamoris 4

There were no surprises with the result of this encounter, but all things considered, underdog and former UFC star, Chael Sonnen, gave a fair account of himself against one of the best in the business in Andre Galvao.

In a fight that lasted around 15 minutes, Sonnen spent most of it maintaining top guard, constantly fending off Galvao. About two thirds of the way in to the fight though, a costly mistake spelled the writing on the wall for Sonnen as he allowed his back to be taken. From there Galvao went on to win by submission by rear naked choke.

Respect must be given to Sonnen, a highly skilled wrestler, for putting himself in at the deep end against someone of Galvao’s calibre. However, his opponent proved too be tough of a test, combined with his lack of BJJ experience, the circumstances around his current suspension and the fact that he didn’t look in the greatest shape of his life, this was never going to be Sonnen’s night.

Talking of respect, very little was shown by Rentao Laranja, at the end of the match when he refused to shake hands with Chael Sonnen. Playing up to his persona, some feel that Laranja had perhaps crossed a line and he has subsequently Tweeted an apology following the snub.

Also living up to his own outspoken reputation, in true fashion, Sonnen delivered a parting shot of his own when he was interviewed post fight,

“They tested me, they cleared me, they hired me, they fired me, they drag me through the mud, and I’m still the toughest SOB on two feet”.