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The History of Submission Fighting Trailer

As promised, following up from our recent post about the History of Submission Fighting documentary, we have posted the official trailer below to whet your appetite. This slick trailer definitely does the job in building up the anticipation, it’s just a shame we have to wait so long for the real thing to hit our… Read more »

Metamoris 5 – Pre-Fight Nerves for Rory MacDonald

Laid back (outside of the octagon) UFC Welterweight admits to expect to be feeling a little nervous prior to his up and coming Metamoris 5 fight with “JT” Torres. In the pre-fight build up video, MacDonald is quoted as saying; “There’ll be a little bit of nerves, because you wanna do your best, right?” “You… Read more »

Acai’s popularity in BJJ

Why is Acai so popular in BJJ circles? In a nutshell the appeal of Acai is down to its combination of it’s Brazilian roots (no pun intended), health benefits and taste. Acai is a nutritious berry that is native to Brazil and grows in the fertile floodplains of the Amazon river. Over the years it’s benefits… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts on your First BJJ Class

Check out this funny little poster created by the creator of the BJJ blog site Dirty White Belt about first day etiquette at your first BJJ class!

Top 3 BJJ & MMA Documentaries

While there are now many choices out there as well as more polished Hollywood movies that feature MMA in particular as their main subject, we’ve gone back to and picked a few of our favourites from the recent past. Check out our three favourite MMA & BJJ documentary films below: Rickson Gracie: Choke  While this… Read more »

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Ranks

The order of belt rank for adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners is as follows; 1 – White: Beginner level, aim to develop well rounded skill set and knowledge. 2 – Blue: Increased technical knowledge, literally get a great deal more techniques under your belt after many hours perfecting drills over and over. 3 – Purple:… Read more »

Waldemar Santana By The Numbers

We take a quick look at the legendary Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira Champion Waldemar Santana by the numbers. 5 Years – The approximate time that the supposed ‘honeymoon’ period expired between Waldemar Santana and Helio Gracie before their now famous falling out. We all know what happened next. 3 Hours 40 Mins – The length… Read more »

Google vs Facebook BJJ Inter Company Tournament anyone?!

The work environment at the headquarters of search engine giant are well known for being experimental in it’s approach to finding a balance between productivity and staff fulfilment and happiness. Google are always open to activities that will help their staff de-stress and what better way to do this than to spend an hour out rolling to… Read more »

Rodolfo Vieira – Spider Jiu Jitsu Fighter Profile

Check out the first of a series of Fighter Profiles Info Graphics that we’ll be putting together over the next few weeks. You may or may not know all of this stuff, but we think it looks a bit cooler when shown this way! If you’ve got any suggestions on who you want us to… Read more »