Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Ranks

The order of belt rank for adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners is as follows;

1 – White: Beginner level, aim to develop well rounded skill set and knowledge.

2 – Blue: Increased technical knowledge, literally get a great deal more techniques under your belt after many hours perfecting drills over and over.

3 – Purple: Intermediate level, qualified enough to instruct lower ranks.

4 – Black: Expert level, the progression to which will be proceeded by literally thousands of hours on the mat.

Further progression to Black / Red, White / Red and grandmaster status Red Belt is possible too. As you would expect with such a grading system, there is pyramid effect with regards to the number being larger at the lower ranks and reducing as the rank get higher. This is certainly the case for those beyond sixth degree Black Belt rank.

Referencing the influential book, “Jiu Jitsu University” by Saula Ribeiro, the author simplifies his breakdown of the belt ranking system further as shown below;

White: Survival

Blue: Escapes

Purple: The Guard

Brown: Guard Passing

Black: Submissions

Both breakdowns above are very simplified versions that can not do justice to the journey that you take as you develop your skill and technique, but merely give an indication to the status of the varying stages of progression.

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