Best BJJ Technique Websites

While we all know that there is no substitute for physically getting out there and practicing, but there’s certainly no harm at all in topping up your knowledge or passing the time browsing all things BJJ on your phone or tablet from the comfort of your sofa.

To save some of your precious browsing minutes, check out our list of the BJJ technique websites and pages that we found when we had a little time on our hands. Our selection may be more¬†suitable for those at the beginner end of the spectrum maybe, but non the less it’s always useful to go over old ground no matter what level you’re at.

Learn BJJ Techniques

This website shows various technique categories along with small thumbnail video stills for each to make the site easy to use and navigate to find what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t appear to be the fastest site in the world in terms of page loading speed and the sound quality varies slightly from video to video, meaning you’ll need to crank up the volume if you want to hear the various instructors explaining the technique steps. Also, some videos don’t have an instructor talking through them and are just drills of techniques to background music.

Whilst this site is easy to navigate and a good resource, if you are a beginner looking for some online reference you may want to find a site that has a little more in depth explanations of techniques and drills.

BJJ Heroes  РBJJ Techniques

The techniques page of this site (one of our bookmarked favourites) is probably more suited for those who are a little more experienced and those who are interested in the backgrounds to certain techniques. This webpage is less of a tutorial / directory and more of an interesting and informative resource.

Highlighting a selection of different techniques, such as the “Closed Guard”, “Sao Paulo Pass” and the “Berimbolo” amongst others, this website gives a short informative history of each, a list of fighters who are ‘famous’ for using them and of course some example videos of the said technique in action.

Ultimate Jiu Jitsu

Whilst certain websites show examples of techniques in action from clips of some of the world’s best BJJ practitioners, the Ultimate Jiu Jitsu website instructor in the tutorial images on it’s site are unknown to us.

Don’t be disheartened by this, as this site is a comprehensive and well organised listing of various BJJ techniques. Each technique has short easy to follow instructions accompanied by relative image stills for each stage.

BJJ Legends – White Belt Mind Map

Showing a typical curriculum for a BJJ White Belt in the style of a Mind Map diagram, this page shows the various techniques, categorised in to, Mount, Side Control, Guard, Submissions, Throws and Takedowns, Self Defense and Rear Mount groupings.

Each strand of the mind map has an individual technique associated to it and each links to a YouTube video showing it in action. The videos link to different sources, but as a quick point of reference, we found this to be a useful one to bookmark.

Black Belt Wiki – Grappling

The grappling page of this website may not be as slick looking or stylish as a site like BJJ Heroes, but as far as a comprehensive list style resource, we also found this to be pretty handy too. Listed in alphabetical order, this page shows an A – Z selection of various Submissions, Grappling Techniques and Counters for you to work your way through. Each listing links to a handy tutorial video as well.

As with the White Belt Mind map, the video links have been created by different sources, while this means varying quality, we like to think of the positive side of this by looking at the varying ways of doing things as presented by each of the instructors.