Monthly Archives: July 2014

Rodolfo Vieira – Spider Jiu Jitsu Fighter Profile

Check out the first of a series of Fighter Profiles Info Graphics that we’ll be putting together over the next few weeks. You may or may not know all of this stuff, but we think it looks a bit cooler when shown this way! If you’ve got any suggestions on who you want us to… Read more »

Guess the BJJ Team Logo!

Test your knowledge by guessing the names of the teams that we’ve ‘cleverly’ hidden the names from these well known logos! If you think you know them, be the first to post your answers on our Facebook page and win… nothing but the pride of being the fastest BJJ geek out there!

A Great Online BJJ Resource

We’re always scouring the net for new resources to share with our loyal followers. Revisiting one of our old favourites, we realised just how great this site is. BJJ Heroes¬†is packed full of news, technique tips, fighters lists and pretty covers pretty much any everything from the world of BJJ. If you’re a BJJ geek,… Read more »

IBJJF Rule Changes

As the most recognisable and largest company in the business of organising¬†BJJ tournaments the world over, rule changes by the IBJJF are always worthy of note. Of the fairly recent rule changes that have been applied, we thought we would give you the heads up on two of particular note. The first change relates to… Read more »