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Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida 2014 Highlights Video

Check out this impressive 2014 Highlights Video for back to back 3 times BJJ World Title Champion, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida! Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you’ll know all about Almeida’s raw power, speed and technique, but there’s always time to sit back and watch the TRICAMPEÃO in action just one more time.  

Brazilian Fighter Nicknames

Everyone likes a good nickname and many well known Brazilian born BJJ fighters have familiar nicknames that roll of our tongue, but what do they actually mean?! We’ve listed and explained a few below to shed some light for those not so well versed in Portuguese. 1- Marcus Almeida NICKNAME: Buchecha WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?:… Read more »

From Futebol to BJJ!

 “No I don’t like jiu jitsu. I don’t like to fight; I like women!” UFC Heavyweight Fabricio Werdum on his views on fighting before taking up BJJ! With it being the start of  the World Cup in the spiritual home of football and birthplace of BJJ, we thought we’d share this short but interesting interview with… Read more »

3 Tips For Using Mental Imagery In BJJ

Mental imagery is a commonly used technique that is used by athletes the world over in a wide variety of sporting disciplines. BJJ competitors are no exception and this technique is by no means an unknown science for practitioners of the ‘Gentle Art’.   What is mental imagery? From a sporting perspective, mental imagery involves… Read more »