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How to tie your BJJ Belt correctly

Get back to basics and learn to tie your belt properly with this simple instructional video that we found on the Blog. We’ve found this particular blog to be an excellent resource for beginners and experts alike with so many hints, tips and helpful information about a huge array of BJJ related topics.

BJJ Inspiration & Motivation

  We stumbled across this video today and definitely thought it was worth sharing! Featuring many well known names including; Dean Lister, Rickson Gracie, Romulo Barral, Andre Galvao, Kron Gracie, Jean Jacque Machado, Joe Rogan, Rafael Lovato JR amongst a host of other familiar faces. This excellent short video was created by, Stuart Cooper, from Stuart… Read more »

5 Reasons To Practice Jiu Jitsu

1 – It Teaches You The Value Of Persistence • Jiu Jitsu involves many intricate techniques that require dedication and practice to master. • This means that until you reach the level that you are striving for in a particular area, there are going to be times when you will not it get quite right,… Read more »